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We believe passionately that Chebeague needs more housing options for the varied population upon which a vibrant, active, sustainable island community depends. Chebeague has an important seasonal population but it is vitally important that we have a robust year-round population as well.

It is true that living on an island is not for everyone, but at the same time those of us who choose to live here value the lifestyle. There are plusses and minuses of every place one might choose to live.  Chebeague has a great school, a wonderful assisted living facility for our seniors, a terrific recreation center, free golf for year-rounders, stable taxes, and most importantly very friendly neighbors. This is just a partial list of our assets.

On the other hand, housing has become very expensive on Chebeague.  Too much so for most young families to buy a place, and year round rentals are non existent.  This is what ECHO will be focusing on.  Initially we hope to obtain low cost land and create starter houses.  They will not be grand waterfront residences but will be financially attractive to young families getting started.  We hope to be helpful with financing as well.


We are just beginning our search for creative housing solutions and we welcome constructive input.

ECHO's Board members - Elaine Clark, Megan Dayton, Beverly Johnson, Betts and Eldon Mayer, Geoff and Laura Summa

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